Hello, I am Jennifer Nicole. In the last year and a half my life has changed majorly. I got married, a month later got pregnant, then 9 months later gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Currently I am trying to manage being a wife, a working mother and continue to be my self as well which isn’t easy.

A little about me: I work as a data associate in Fargo ND. When I am not working I enjoy writing, traveling, hiking, photography, camping, water sports of all kinds, astronomy, star gazing, bullet journaling, songwriting, and writing pen-pal letters. Plus so much more!

Though I am very introverted and not one to start a conversation I love meeting and learning more about other people and their stories. Which is why I love writing pen-pal letters. I can get to know people with the comfort of not feeling like I am being judged.

I have honestly grown so much in the last year and I like to think that has brought me closer to actually “adulting”. And that will make me a better wife and mother going forward.

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